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Land 48™

Don’t die a tenant, we can help!

Waiting to have all the money to build is why so many people die as tenants. The whole money to build in most cases rarely ever happens. And before you know it, your life is far spent…still waiting for that big break to happen. How about you start with what you have now, right where you are? How about changing your status and title from a tenant to a work-in-progress landlord?

Let’s face it; the cost of house rent is not ever going down and neither is the cost of lands. Meaning your current house rent is the cheapest you will ever pay. So imagine combining the challenges of an increasing house rent with an increasing cost of land? The result is the reason why many people die as tenants without fulfilling their dreams of owning a house.

Land 48™ was created to change this reality for Nigerians. Rather than hustling year-to-year just paying house rents, Land 48™ is an affordable land ownership scheme that allows you to own a land within 48 weeks with your current house rent. Our mission is to kill your house rent and help 10,000 Nigerians become landlords by 2030.

You don’t have to die a tenant, with Land 48™, you can start with whatever you have wherever you are. Just give us 48 weeks to change your story forever!

Become a LANDLORD in 48 weeks!

Starting from as low as N5,000/week, you can choose anyone of our Land 48™ affordable lands in Lagos and Ogun state

Per Plot

Land Title: Survey plan
Land Size: 60 by 120 ft
Available plots: 900 plots

Weekly Payment Plan
One Plot: N10,000
Half-Plot: N5,000

Monthly Payment Plan
One Plot: N40,000
Half-Plot: N20,000

Per Plot

Land Title: Survey plan
Land Size: 60 by 120 ft
Available plots: 1200 plots

Weekly Payment Plan
One Plot: N12,500
Half-Plot: N6,250

Monthly Payment Plan
One Plot: N50,000
Half-Plot: N25,000

Per Plot

Land Title: C of O
Land Size: 60 by 120 ft
Available plots: 300 plots

Weekly Payment Plan
One Plot: N37,500
Half-Plot: N18,500

Monthly Payment Plan
One Plot: N150,000
Half-Plot: N75,000

Per Plot

Land Title: C of O
Land Size: 600 SQM²
Available plots: 600 plots

Weekly Payment Plan
One Plot: N125,000
Half-Plot: N62,500

Monthly Payment Plan
One Plot: N500,000
Half-Plot: N250,000

How Land 48™ Works

Immediately after the completion of payment within the tenure you subscribed to under Land 48™.

Most definitely; you will be given an e-receipt sent directly into your email for every single payment made. And you can visit our office too to collect the hard copy anytime you want.

Once your payment is completed, you will be given a receipt from us as well as the family receipt of the land owners. Other forms of documentations (e.g. deeds of assignment, survey plan, and C of O) will be paid for separately by you in order to be processed.

Of course; there are other payments such as allocation and development fees. The cost varies according to each location.

Any payment of money made under the Land 48™ scheme is non-refundable. If you choose to opt out of the scheme, you will be required to transfer your entitlements and outstanding liabilities under the scheme to any person of your choice. The person will be expected to refund all you’ve paid before continuing with us.


Remember how you normally set a target for yourself when you need to upgrade your phone? What about when you wanted to marry or buy your first car or upgrade to the next one? And how about your house rent? You saved towards all these right?

Well, owning a land in 48 weeks is no different. Simply choose your preferred location within the Land 48™ scheme and start saving towards it, either weekly or monthly. It’s really that simple. We handle all the rest!


Saving without a definite goal is risky. When you save for no apparent reason you will not be disciplined with the money being saved. Any little thing that comes up is enough reason to deep hands into your savings.

But saving through Land 48™ is all about goal setting. You know exactly what your goal is; to own a land after 48 weeks. No more, no less. We have fine-tuned all the modalities and our offer is backed by a solid money back guarantee!

Become a Landlord today!