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The desire to own a home is universal, it’s not only peculiar to
Nigerians. In America for example, owning a house is a major component
of the American dream. So becoming a Landlord is the desire of every
human being. But many have died without fulfilling that basic human

As you already know, the rent is killing for those of us living in big
cities. After struggling to pay the rent every year, over time the
thought of owning a house of your own gradually fades away. In no time,
that basic human desire is dead!

We exist for one primary purpose only, to help Nigerians become
Landlords – property owners. We source for genuine and affordable lands
and properties located in developing areas and make them available to
Nigerians. Our mission is to help you become a Landlord wherever you can

The truth is, not everyone can afford a land or property in Banana
Island, Lekki Phase 1 or VGC. We want to help you make the most of what
you have today to achieve your dream of becoming a Landlord tomorrow.
You don’t have to die a tenant. Your current Landlord was once a tenant
but had foresight. This can also become your testimony.

So rather than waiting till you can afford the land or property in VGC
or Ikoyi, we encourage you to begin your journey to becoming a Landlord
today. Make the land or property in these developing areas your first.
Nobody said you have to own only one house or property in your lifetime;
so start with what you have, where you are. And when the time comes for
you to buy the land or property in Eko Atlantic city, it will be the
second, third, fourth or tenth property you now own!

Become a Landlord today!