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A Storey Building with 4 Units of 3 Bedrooms Flat For Sale at Shangisha Magodo, Lagos State

Own A Storey Building with 4 Units of 3 Bedrooms Flat at Shangisha Magodo, Lagos State

This property is located at Shangisha Magodo, Ikosi-Ketu, Kosofe Local Government Area, Lagos state.

The massive 1(one) storey building, has a total number 4(four) flats, which are all 3 bedroom apartments. Each of the flats is ensuites with an extra visitors toilet, with clean water running in all the flats.  Electricity supply in this area is comparatively better than most part of Lagos.

The compound is fenced with a mini store in the entrance with enough parking space for least 8 cars.

This areas shares close proximity to Magodo and Shangisha, the mentioned area is preferred by many because of its serenity and architectural masterclass of most the building designs. Magodo is home to several beautiful estates, banks, hotel, recreational centers, resorts, hospitals, businesses and NGOs.

The Shangisha Magodo estate is very calm and serene, minimal noise from cars (no horning allowed except when very necessary). The tranquility of the neighborhood comes with no rowdiness, privacy, well-paved streets, good waste management, and little or no traffic. This also makes it a perfect place to raise kids in, away from the busy/clumsy streets of Lagos.

For easy movement around, the estate has its shuttle buses, motorcycles, PHCN substation and for general safety, the estate has the Magodo security patrol.

Living in Magodo, one still has access to all the ‘good stuff’ in Ikeja. The closest local market is the MILE 12 market, one of the largest and busiest perishable food market situated in Ketu, along Ikorodu road. Mile 12 market is open daily from early hours of the morning till late night.

This house can be renovated or converted to a preferred structure.

Size & Dimensions:
60 by 120 ft per plot
Available for sale:
1 plot of land
Available Documents:
Global C of O
Full Payment
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  • Immediate Allocation
  • 87,000,000

Oga Landlord Registration