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A Compound with 3 Bungalows and an Upstairs Foundation for Sale at Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos

Own a Fenced 2/half Plot Compound with 3 Bungalows and an Upstairs Foundation at Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos

This is a very elegant compound in the heart of Igbogbo in Ikorodu, Lagos. The compound is fenced round with two massive gates and two security houses by each of the gates. As you can see from the pictures, beautiful trees and flowers are planted inside and around the compound giving it a touch of class.

There are 3 detached buildings in the coumpound and two foundations. The first foundation is for another bungalow and the second one which is a German floor is for an upstairs. The 3 beautiful bungalows seats on a 2 and a half plot of land with interlocking blocks.

There two 2 bedroom bungalows and one 4 bedroom bungalow with standard kitchens, toilet and baths. Each of the bungalows are beautifully design with modern pop finishings and marbles. Even though they haven’t been painted yet, they are a beauty to behold giving you a glimpse of how magnificent they would look like when painted.

The property is situated in a serene neighbourhood with very good access roads. You can have a feel of how developed the neighbourhood is from the pictures attached under the neighbourhood tab below. Buying this property has several benefits because of the magnitude of the compound and future multi-functional uses it can offer the owner.

Size & Dimensions:
2/half plots of land (60 by 120 inches)
Available Documents:
C of O
Full Payment
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  • Immediate Ownership
  • 80,000,000

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